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Converting Your Home to Propane: 5 Benefits

Propane: A Clean, Efficient Energy Source!

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Are you using electricity for heating, water heating, and other appliances in your home here in the Seacoast Region?

If so, you are missing out on all the good things that propane can bring to your home! P. Gagnon & Son provides fast, easy propane conversions as well as dependable propane delivery.

The Perks of Using Propane

Here are five reasons why converting your home to propane is a great idea.

Efficient, Comfortable Heating

The most notable difference between propane heating and electric is that the former can go as high as 140º Fahrenheit, while the latter is capped at 100º. Propane also heats your house up faster than electricity, which comes in handy during a cold winter day.

This fast, efficient heating not only is good for your home, it’s good for your bank account as propane heating with a furnace or boiler is much more affordable.

A Versatile Energy Source

You may already know that propane can provide reliable, even heat for your home. But there are other great reasons to switch over!

When you use propane for water heating, your hot water reaches your set temperature faster and more efficiently than with electricity. Propane water heaters also last longer on average than electric ones and have an overall lower cost of ownership. A propane tankless water heater could cut your water heating energy costs in half!

Using propane for cooking allows you to get instantaneous and accurate temperature control that gives you better results than using electricity.

Propane clothes dryers make laundry day go faster by getting your laundry dry much quicker than electric dryers. You end up with fewer wrinkles, too!

Outdoors, grilling with propane is great. Propane can also heat your pool or spa, power deck and patio heaters, and provide cozy gathering spots with propane fire pits and fireplaces.

A Dependable Energy Supply

With your propane tank, expertly installed by P. Gagnon & Son at your home, along with our reliable Automatic Delivery, you always have the propane you need to enjoy all of this. You’re not at the mercy of an electric or natural gas utility and their frequent outages.

Safety and Comfort When the Power Goes Out

Whether it’s summer thunderstorms, winter nor’easters, or a failure in the electrical grid, power can go out frequently here in the Seacoast Region. The further out you live, the longer the outage can be.

A propane whole-house backup generator keeps the lights on, the food in the fridge and freezer safely cold, electronics charged, the sump pump running, and more.

A More Environmentally Friendly Energy Source

Did you know that, when compared to electricity, propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions?

The reason behind that is that more than 40% of the electricity used in the United States is produced by coal-fired power plants. This production leads to smog and acid rain, and it contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., second only to transportation.

The combustion of propane does not create those levels of emissions to cause those problems.

Enjoy the benefits of propane in your home. Contact P. Gagnon & Son to learn more about converting your home to propane!