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Your Comfort is Our Concern

Your Comfort is Our Concern

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

Some years ago, our company chose the phrase “Your comfort is our concern” to summarize what P. Gagnon & Son is really all about. This is the core of our mission and it guides our entire team every day.

We are living this commitment in many ways. Recently, we invested in the expansion of our propane storage facilities. By adding 30,000 gallons to our capacity, we can now store 90,000 gallons of propane, significantly increasing the security our customers enjoy. And that’s on top of the 45,000 gallons of oil we store at our facility in South Berwick.

A lot of fuel companies don’t have any storage facilities. Last winter, we fielded calls from homeowners, businesses and competitors looking for propane or heating oil because their regular dealers couldn’t take care of them.

Another recent initiative for us has been updating our website, which should be “going live” soon. In addition to having a fresh new look, our improved site will be easier to navigate and will provide you with convenient access to your account information.

Expanded storage capacity

These are just a few examples. All of this is being done with an eye toward taking the best care of you. None of this happens without a great team of committed employees. They are the heart of our company, and the reason you can always feel confident as we buckle down for another winter. Every day, your comfort is their concern.

Mark Gagnon