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How to Choose a Heating Oil Company

Trust P. Gagnon & Son with your home’s heating oil needs

heating oil Rye, NH Here in Southern Maine and New Hampshire’s Seacoast region, winter can get pretty frigid. For those using heating oil to heat their homes, the importance of a reliable and trustworthy heating oil company cannot be overstated.

From keeping your home warm to ensuring you have an environmentally friendly and safe service, your heating oil company choice impacts everything from comfort to cost. Here are comprehensive steps to help you find the perfect heating oil provider for your unique needs.

Factors to consider in a heating oil company

Pricing and contract options: The cost of heating your home is a serious concern, and heating oil prices can fluctuate dramatically. Look for a company that offers transparent pricing and flexible contract options. P. Gagnon & Son, for example, offers many pricing and payment options such as our Monthly Budget Plan and PreBuy.

Understanding the factors that contribute to price variations, such as the market, delivery logistics, and any additional service fees, will help you plan your budget efficiently. It’s not just about the lowest price; the most suitable company offers a balance between cost, quality, and convenience.

Delivery options and reliability: Timely delivery is crucial as running out of oil can lead to significant issues such as pipe freezing and increased energy usage during recovery. A reliable company should offer various delivery methods to suit your scheduling needs, such as automatic deliveries or on-demand service.

Determine your estimated oil usage and identify a company that offers deliveries based on your consumption patterns. Evaluate how the company handles emergency deliveries or scheduling changes. Consider if the company offers Automatic Delivery, which P. Gagnon & Son offers, and how they calculate your usage to prevent shortages.

Research the company’s history of service interruptions or late deliveries. Look for any guarantees or service level agreements that the company offers. Speak with current customers about their experiences with the company’s delivery track record.

Customer service and support: A company’s commitment to service can make a significant difference in your overall experience. Friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable customer support can help resolve issues quickly and make routine interactions more pleasant.

For example, P. Gagnon & Son offers 24/7 no-heat emergency service. When you call our office, you get someone local, not some far-away call center.
Consider if the company offers maintenance services for your heating equipment.

How to research heating oil companies

Online reviews and ratings: In the digital age, a wealth of information is at your fingertips. Utilize online platforms such as Google business listings and the Better Business Bureau to read reviews and ratings left by current and previous customers. Pay attention not just to the overall score but to the specifics of customers’ experiences and how the company responds to feedback and complaints.

Asking for referrals: Personal recommendations can often be the most reliable source of information. Ask friends, family, and neighbors about their heating oil providers and their satisfaction with the service. This first-hand account gives you insights that online reviews may not cover.

Checking for certifications and accreditations: When it comes to your home’s heating needs, you want to ensure you’re working with a seasoned professional. Look for companies that are licensed, bonded, and insured, and that their technicians are accredited with industry certifications. This not only guarantees the quality of service but also provides you with recourse in case of any issues.

With dependable heating oil delivery and service from P. Gagnon & Son, your home is kept warm and comfortable. Become a customer today!