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Seeing Some Light After a Dark Year

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

As I write to you, we are marking the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic. Right after that, the widespread lockdowns of schools, workplaces and other gathering places began.

Even though we have no idea when the pandemic will be totally behind us, we can see some light ahead, thanks to the availability of vaccines.

Like many of you, our team has struggled to do our jobs with the public health crisis hovering over us. Add the uncertainty, periodic quarantines and sickness of staff, and it became a true test of our fortitude.

Perhaps, for that reason, I’ve never been prouder of our team. They have managed to keep our customers warm and safe despite dealing with many personal challenges themselves. We’ve always had a do-whatever-it-takes culture here, and it has served us well through the pandemic.

Please feel free to contact us, either by phone or through our website, if we can help you in any way this spring.

Mark Gagnon, President

A big thank you to everyone who posted an online review about us on either Google, ReviewBuzz or our Facebook page.

To thank you for your kindness, we entered everyone who posted a review into a drawing to win 100 FREE gallons of heating fuel. And the winner is Jeffrey T. Here’s what he said:

“We are 100% pleased with the install of our heat pumps/mini-splits by P. Gagnon. Dana and crew did a fantastic job with caring thought to detail! I highly recommend area residents use them for this service. Of course, we have been pleased with our oil delivery and burner service from P. Gagnon for years.”

If you have a friend or someone else who needs an honest and reliable fuel company, please send them our way. Just send us their contact information we’ll reach out to them. For every friend who becomes a P. Gagnon & Son automatic delivery customer, we’ll give you $100 and your friend $50 after their second delivery.*

Call us or contact us through our website to find out more.

*Conditions may apply.

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Both American-made Bioheat fuel and propane remain abundant, keep you comfortable and saves you money. And there are no blackouts that cut off your supply of energy.

Test case: 80% reduction in emissions

Just two heating oil retailers in the Northeast displaced nearly 1.5 million gallons of heating oil with approved Bioheat fuel in the first half of 2020.* Doing this resulted in an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to traditional heating oil.

That’s because Bioheat fuel burns more cleanly and more efficiently than conventional heating oil. You will use less heat to get the same amount of warmth, and your heating system will last longer. You’ll also likely find that you need fewer repairs on your system. All of this amounts to savings!

Bioheat fuel is readily available now and it requires no modifications to your existing system. The continued growth of Bioheat fuel puts us well on our way along the road to a low carbon future!

*Source: Diversified Energy Specialists APS Program Research, December 2020.

Where does Bioheat fuel come from?

Biodiesel (also known as biofuel) is a gallon-forgallon substitute for petroleum-based fuels, which have a higher carbon intensity. By 2030, it’s estimated that biodiesel will displace 529 million gallons of heating oil.

Biodiesel is a nontoxic, biodegradable renewable liquid fuel. The biofuel that’s blended with heating oil to create Bioheat fuel is generally produced by agricultural byproducts, including used cooking oil (also known as yellow grease), animal fats, inedible corn oil, soybean oil and canola oil.

This puts excess oil and fats to good use. Food is never sacrificed for fuel in the production of Bioheat fuel. Bioheat fuel is also sourced and produced right here in the United States, supporting local farmers, local industries and local economies.

The clear, clean choice

Because propane has such a low carbon content, it produces next to zero greenhouse gas emissions, making it a cleaner-burning energy source that can reliably fuel homes, heat water and even power vehicles.

Propane generates more Btu’s than an equivalent amount of electricity, so you need much less propane to produce the same amount of heat energy. Also, cleanerburning propane appliances are efficient, because they waste very little fuel in the combustion process, unlike electric-powered appliances.

That’s why, hands down, propane is better for the environment and for your home. Visit Propane.com/environment to learn more about propane and the environment. And be sure to check out RenewablePropaneGas.com to learn how the propane industry is reducing its carbon footprint.

Turn your backyard into a summer vacation

New propane appliances can turn a backyard into a summer vacation. Propane can do that — from gas grills to fire pits to stylish lighting and much more.

Propane grills

These days, you can get so much more than just the grill. You can elevate your grilling game with all kinds of features, like side burners, rotisseries, multiple levels of cooking surfaces, smoker boxes and more!

If you cook on a gas stove inside your home, you know how terrific its precise control of heat can be. By just turning the dial, you can instantly add or reduce heat.

Take that control outside when you grill with propane. Do you want to make one side direct grilling and one side indirect? Propane can do that! You can decide just how hot you need it, and make adjustments on the spot. When you want to go from medium heat for corn on the cob to high heat for a quick-searing steak, you’re in control. Charcoal can’t do that.

Fire pits

Bring friends or family together with the warmth of a propane-fueled fire pit and never worry about feeding a wood fire or cleaning up ashes afterward. A large fire pit can be used as a centerpiece for your yard, or you can set up a series of small ones at the entry of your home to wow your guests. Many models have ignition systems that can be turned on and off with a smartphone or tablet.

Propane lighting

When it comes to backyard lighting, nothing holds a candle to propane! Using outdoor lighting will dramatically enhance and accentuate the visual appeal of your property. Popular choices include stunning solid cast brass, black cast aluminum or white cast aluminum styles, with post, pedestal or wall mounts. Gas lights cost pennies per hour to operate and the brightness of these lights is comparable to a 70‑watt light bulb.

Pool heaters

A propane pool heater can maintain a comfortable water temperature any time of day, in any weather, in any season — all for an affordable price. A propane pool heater simply burns gas to warm water from the pool pump then cycles the water back into the pool.

Please contact us to learn more about all you can do with propane in your backyard.

With so much uncertainty still surrounding us, having a little more predictability in your life — as well as some savings — is sure to make you smile. Please consider taking advantage of these convenient options.

*Valid for new enrollees only.

Over the years, we’ve told you how folks find themselves let down when a large out-of-state corporation swallows up their local heating fuel company.

Well, it’s happened again — sort of. This time, a large out-of-state corporation purchased a large oil and propane company that operated 46 offices, some located in our service area.

Since that acquisition, we’ve had some former customers come back to us. Here’s what one of them told us.

“They were charging me more than a dollar higher per gallon than P. Gagnon’s price. I am so happy to be back as your customer again. Everyone has been so nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I really missed that.”

If you know someone who is unhappy with their fuel supplier and would like to find a company that always charges a fair price, please refer them to us.

Welcome to Sarah May, our newest customer service representative. She joined our team in December.

Sarah joined us with experience in customer service, so she soon hit the ground running by fielding customer requests for deliveries or equipment service.

While Sarah works out of our South Berwick office with other team members, our office remains closed to the public for safety reasons.

“Everyone here has been so friendly, helpful and informative, which I truly appreciate,” she says.

Off the job, Sarah enjoys family time with her husband and their five children, who range in age from 8 to 23. As the weather warms, you may see Sarah riding through the area on her Kawasaki motorcycle.