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Five reasons to ditch the briquettes and upgrade to a propane grill

Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start of summer here in Southern Maine and New Hampshire, which means that it’s high time to get grilling! But rather than dragging out that old, chunky charcoal barbecue and spending half an hour trying to light it, why not upgrade to a propane grill? Switch to an easy-to-use […]

Save money

10 Energy and Money-Saving Tips for Your Home Air Conditioning System

Warmer days are on the way to Southern Maine and New Hampshire (believe it or not!), which means that soon you will be cranking that A/C to keep your family comfortable – and you will have the bills to prove it.

Score a deal on a new heating system with the Swing into Spring event from P. Gagnon & Son!

Spring is often the best time to shop for a home heating or cooling equipment upgrade: it’s generally easier to get a convenient time slot for an expert installation, and prices are typically their lowest of the year. That’s certainly true this year thanks to the P. Gagnon & Son 2019 Swing into Spring event! […]

Save money and energy with an indirect water heater

Did you know that heating water for your appliances and taps accounts for an average of 18 percent of your monthly energy bill? That’s what the U.S. Department of Energy says – and they ought to know. But what if you could heat your water for substantially less – or even free for at least part of […]

Protect your heating oil tank: keep it at least half-full during the offseason

Your oil-fired heating system might not be top-of-mind now that we’re closer to May than we are to March here in southern Maine and New Hampshire, but before your abandon your thoughts about your heating system altogether, we suggest doing two things to avoid problems down the road. The first thing is to get your […]

Three springtime to-dos for your home heating system

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not thinking all that much about your home heating equipment as we spring ahead into warmer weather. But the truth is you will be relying on your heating system well into May here in our southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire service area – especially on those chilly […]

What pricing option should I chose for my heating oil?

The unpredictability of heating oil pricing makes it difficult to determine the best way to pay for your oil in a given year – which is why we offer several options for doing it. In this blog post, we’ll explore those options in greater detail. P. Gagnon & Son pricing options and considerations When it comes […]

Seven reasons to choose a ductless air conditioning solution

Spring has arrived here in Southern Maine and New Hampshire, and although it’s not quite time to dust off the A/C units in your basement, it will be soon. Unless you upgrade to a ductless air conditioning system, that is. Ductless air conditioners (also called “mini-splits”) are a great alternative to loud, light-stealing, backbreaking-to-install window […]

P. Gagnon & Son: The smart choice for heating system installation

If you’re a Southern Maine or Seacoast, NH homeowner looking to replace home heating equipment, the prospect can be pretty daunting: with so many choices for types of heating systems, brands, and models, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options. But the truth is that as challenging as choosing a heating system can be, you […]

Spring: The perfect time for a heating system upgrade

Winter 2018/2019 will soon come to an end here in southern Maine and New Hampshire (believe it or not), which means that in the not-too-distant future you can put your heating system out of your mind for a few months and focus on improving your putting – or working on your tan. But not so […]