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P.Gagnon & Son gives you a range of choices for protecting your price for heating fuel and for controlling your winter fuel bills.


Our service technicians have the expertise to install, maintain, and repair virtually any make or model system you have or want in your home.


P. Gagnon & Son: The smart choice for heating system installation

If you’re a Southern Maine or Seacoast, NH homeowner looking to replace home heating equipment, the prospect can be pretty daunting: with so many choices for types of heating systems, brands, and models, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options. But the truth is that as challenging as choosing a heating system can be, you […]

Spring: The perfect time for a heating system upgrade

Winter 2018/2019 will soon come to an end here in southern Maine and New Hampshire (believe it or not), which means that in the not-too-distant future you can put your heating system out of your mind for a few months and focus on improving your putting – or working on your tan. But not so […]

Have you checked your furnace air filter lately?

The harder your furnace works to keep you comfortable in your Southern Maine or Seacoast NH home, the more TLC it needs to keep running at its best – especially when it comes to your furnace air filters. During the winter, when your forced air heating equipment is running almost constantly, your filters are doing their […]

Are you a satisfied P. Gagnon & Son customer? Refer a friend and you’ll both save!

When you have a great experience at a movie or restaurant, one of the first things you usually do is tell a friend about it. Why not do the same for your favorite heating company – especially if it will earn credit toward heating bills for both of you? As part of the P. Gagnon […]

Why it is so important to keep my vent pipes clear?

When snow falls here the Southern Maine and Seacoast NH area, you probably spend a lot of time clearing the front walkway to keep someone in your family from hurting themselves. Good job! Just don’t forget to pay attention to the side of your home, where heavy snow can create problems that pose a far […]

Paying more for your space and water heating bills? The culprit may be in your basement

Technology moves very quickly these days – your kids have probably never heard of compact disks or film, can’t imagine a world without streaming video, and don’t even know what a “land line” is. While technology in home comfort isn’t changing at quite the pace of personal electronics or millennial culture, it still is transforming rather […]

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Today’s Heating Oil: Cleaner, More Efficient, and Smarter Than Ever

Winter 2018-2019 is an important one for the heating oil industry – and for all the homes in New England that use oil-fired heating equipment.

Safety first

Propane Winter Safety Reminders

Propane is one of the safest sources of home energy around – and one of the most effective fuels for keeping you warm through the long Seacoast winter.

Do You Know the Sound of a Safe Oil Delivery?

Our drivers are trained to put safety first—and heating oil storage systems are designed to protect against problems such as overfilling and spills.

Thermometer in the winter

What Is a Heating Degree Day?

If you get your fuel from P. Gagnon & Son via automatic propane delivery or automatic heating oil delivery, your fill-up schedule is based on an estimate that takes into account two key factors: your past fuel usage during a similar time period…