Bioheat® Fuel: The Real Clean Fuel for Your Home

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

If you’re not convinced that converting most New England homes to electric heat pumps is a good idea, you need to know about other clean fuel options.

For example, were you aware that the heating oil industry is well on its way to transitioning to a green, renewable liquid fuel called Bioheat fuel? This is a blend of biodiesel and traditional petroleum-based heating oil with ultra-low sulfur content.

Bioheat fuel, the most refined grade of heating oil available, is one of the cleanest-burning heating sources around today. It reduces greenhouse-gas emissions significantly, and no changes to your existing heating oil equipment are necessary for your system to use it.

Not only will heating systems burn fuel more efficiently with Bioheat fuel; they will also last longer and require fewer repairs.

On our end, the heating oil we deliver often includes Bioheat fuel, but it depends on whether our suppliers have it available. My feeling is that we’re not far from the day when it will be routine for all suppliers to be blending biofuel with traditional petroleum.

Please pay a visit to if you want know more about this clean-burning fuel.

Mark Gagnon, President

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