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On The Way To Net-Zero Emissions With Bioheat®

Heating Oil You Can Be Proud To Use!

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When it comes to heating your home, it doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario between keeping your home warm and reducing your environmental impact.

The Bioheat® delivered by P. Gagnon & Son provides fast, efficient, affordable heating for your home with a greatly reduced carbon footprint!

Many communities are pushing for homes to convert to electric heating. That initiative stems from the incorrect belief that oil heating is “dirty,” and electricity is “clean.”

First of all, heating is not what it was just a few decades ago. Our Bioheat® is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with up to 20% biodiesels, which are made from renewable resources like plant oils including soybean and sunflower, algae, and animal fats. Thanks to those changes, the Bioheat® we deliver emits up to 80% less sulfur dioxide, 30% less nitrogen oxide, and 20% less carbon dioxide than traditional No. 2 heating oil. Bioheat® reduces your carbon footprint to help fight climate change.

And this is just the beginning of what you get with Bioheat®! Because Bioheat® burns so much more cleanly than traditional No. 2 heating oil, it is easier on your heating system, leaving fewer deposits on heat exchangers. That means less wear on your equipment. With proper maintenance, you’ll likely have fewer breakdowns and increase the life expectancy of your heating system!

As the amount of biodiesels in Bioheat® continue to increase, it becomes more and more clean-burning. Once it reaches 20% biodiesels, Bioheat® burns more cleanly than natural gas! Bioheat® will continue to be comprised of more and more biodiesels in the coming years, helping the heating oil industry achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

You get all these benefits of Bioheat® with the competitive, transparent pricing and reliable delivery that P. Gagnon & Son has been providing our customers with since 1904.

Electricity, on the other hand, isn’t’ as “clean” as its promoters let on. Because more than 60% of the electricity used in the United States is generated by coal-fired or natural gas-fired power plants, electricity production generates more than 25% of greenhouse gas emissions nationwide each year.

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