Big Fish Swallowed by Bigger Fish

Big Fish Swallowed by Bigger Fish

Over the years, we’ve told you how folks find themselves let down when a large out-of-state corporation swallows up their local heating fuel company.

Well, it’s happened again — sort of. This time, a large out-of-state corporation purchased a large oil and propane company that operated 46 offices, some located in our service area.

Since that acquisition, we’ve had some former customers come back to us. Here’s what one of them told us.

“They were charging me more than a dollar higher per gallon than P. Gagnon’s price. I am so happy to be back as your customer again. Everyone has been so nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I really missed that.”

If you know someone who is unhappy with their fuel supplier and would like to find a company that always charges a fair price, please refer them to us.