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Grilling With Propane: Three Big Benefits

propane grilling maine

Are you enjoying summer in the Seacoast region?

We hope so! And even you’re doing a staycation this year, you can still enjoy delicious food with your propane grill.

With propane grills, you can customize yours to have features like a side burner, multiple levels of grilling surface, a smoker attachment, a rotisserie, and more!

And that’s just one reason why propane gas grilling is right for you. We’ll show you three more.


Think about all of the work involved when you grill with charcoal. First, you have lug out the bag of charcoal and fill the grill or the chimney. Then you have to start the fire and wait for it to be ready for grilling.

But your work isn’t done! Once dinner is over, you still have a messy cleanup of the ashes, and you’ll likely end up with soot all over your hands and clothes. Do you really want to do all of that for a quick weeknight supper?

When you grill with propane, it’s much easier. Just turn on the supply valve, turn a dial, press the igniter, and it’s on! It’s hot and ready for grilling much faster. And cleanup is easy. When you’re done grilling, turn everything off, quickly clean the grates, and you’re done.


Here’s the big advantage propane grills have over charcoal grills: They can adjust their temperature on a dime. That means you can adjust the flame to go from medium heat for barbecued chicken to high heat for steaks or kebabs. You’ll never be able to do that with a charcoal grill! And because the burners are controlled by dials, you can go from indirect to direct grilling quickly and easily.

Great food

Foodies may think charcoal is tops for grilling, but propane makes grilled foods better in ways charcoal just can’t.

Because propane gives you precise temperature control, you’ll get better results. Your steak will be that perfect medium rare. Boneless chicken breasts will be cooked to a safe temperature but won’t be dry or leathery.

With propane, the flavors of your food come out instead of overwhelming them with smoke. Lighter, fresher flavors and seasonings shine in everything from fish to fruit.

Contact us to learn more about all of the ways that propane makes your home life better!