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Battening Down for Winter

Battening Down for Winter

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

Lingering, summer-like days and crisp, cool evenings always make autumn a season to savor. But fall foliage and earlier sunsets remind us that winter isn’t far away. And with the wild-card winters we’ve had in recent years, it’s important that your heating system is ready when that first cold snap arrives.

The best way to guarantee your family’s comfort is to get your heating system tuned up. A tune-up ensures that your furnace or boiler will operate at peak efficiency and use less fuel. Regular maintenance reduces the chance of breakdowns and expensive repairs, and following a proper maintenance schedule also keeps your equipment warranty valid.

The options for minimizing your heating costs don’t stop there, of course. You can avoid unexpected bills for repairs with a heating service plan. Also keep in mind that you can still enroll in a price-protection program. Go here to learn more about all of your price-protection options.

As temperatures fall, I know we will be getting a lot of calls about a loss of heat. While we’re happy to come out to your house and correct this for you, sometimes checking a few items on your own is all you need to do to get your heat back.

Remember, your comfort is our concern! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or online — anytime.


Mark Gagnon