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Fill Up Your Heating Oil Tank To Avoid Sludge

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Summer’s coming soon! You know what that means, right? It’s time to fill your heating oil tank!

We’re not joking. We know you want to get out and enjoy all that summer in the Seacoast region has to offer. But do this one quick task now can save you hassle and expense later.

That hassle and cost is caused by sludge developing in your heating oil tank over the summer. Heating oil sludge is a combination of dirt, rust, and oxidized fuel settled on the bottom of your heating oil tank. The fuel is oxidized by bacteria that grows thanks to water in the tank, caused by condensation created on the walls of the empty part of your tank.

If sludge makes it into the supply line from your heating oil tank to your furnace or boiler, that line could become partially, or fully, clogged. That will reduce the efficiency of your system, and if sludge buildup isn’t dealt with, your heating system could seize, shutting it down and leaving you without heat. If this happens, repairs can be very expensive.

A Full Tank Is A Protected Tank

Condensation is accelerated by warmer temperatures, and temperature fluctuations, both of which happen in spring, summer, and early fall.

When condensation happens, it eventually drips off the walls and into the heating oil. Because water is heavier than heating oil, it sinks to the bottom of your heating oil tank, where it creates bacteria that leads to sludge.

Not only does condensation cause sludge, it can destroy your heating oil tank from the inside out because the bacteria also causes corrosion inside the tank. A heating oil tank failure is another expensive hassle.

By keeping your heating oil tank full over the summer, condensation doesn’t get the opportunity to develop. That protects against the development of sludge and corrosion!

You are also prepared for whenever you need to turn on the heat again. If a surprise early cold snap hits, you don’t have to worry because you’ll have enough heating oil in your tank!

P. Gagnon & Son is ready to fill your heating oil tank. Contact us today to schedule a delivery!