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How To Avoid Huge Heating Repair Bills

heating repair bills maineSo, how’s your wallet feeling after the holidays? It may be feeling a little light.

That’s why you should really try to avoid needing repairs on the heating system of your Seacoast home. Especially since the tax man will be paying a visit soon.

We’re giving you two tips to help prevent costly repairs. Not only is this to-do list short, it’s easy!

Get your heating system its annual tune-up

A little work and expense now can help prevent a lot of work and expense later.

The overwhelming majority of the heating system repair jobs the P. Gagnon & Son service technicians are called on to do can be directly traced back to the heating or HVAC system not getting annual maintenance.

Why is an annual tune-up so important? It helps your heating system operate at peak efficiency. That can save you a nice chunk of change on your energy bills. But it also allows out service technicians to carefully inspect your heating system so they can discover problems before they get bad and cause a breakdown. Also, having professional maintenance regularly can help keep your heating system’s warranty in effect.

There’s something else that helps you avoid big repair bills for your heating system: service plans from P. Gagnon & Son. Our service plans are designed for both heating oil and propane heating systems. Both heating system service plans include an annual tune-up, and can also save you money on any repairs.

Keep an eye (and ear) on your heating system

P. Gagnon & Son service technicians can do a lot, but they can’t be at your home all the time. That’s why you need to pay attention. Unusual sounds such as rattles, squeals and bangs, as well as seeing water leaks near your heating system, are signs that it needs attention now. The longer you wait to act, the worse and more expensive the problems can get.

Trust P. Gagnon & Son to help you take good care of your heating system. Get in touch with us today!