Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

Mark Leach

Q: Why do you have to do a safety inspection when I run out of propane?

A: If a customer runs out of propane, state and federal law, as well as insurance regulations, require us to perform a propane pressure test.

This test is always done to ensure that your propane tank is operating safely. Whenever the pressure in the piping changes — such as when you run out of fuel — there is the possibility of a leak.

To avoid run-outs, we strongly recommend you enroll in our automatic delivery program. Then you won’t have to call us, because we’ll know just when to deliver your propane or oil. Our computer system tracks your patterns of fuel use and monitors outdoor temperatures.

Here’s another tip: if you’re moving, please let us know. If you don’t tell us — and don’t put a cap on your fuel line — we may make an unnecessary delivery.

Mark Leach is our director of operations and the assistant fire chief for the South Berwick Fire Department.