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Another Reason for Automatic Deliveries

Another Reason for Automatic Deliveries

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The majority of our customers receive their propane by automatic delivery. This means they never have to remember to go to the tank, check the fuel level and call us for a delivery in time to avoid running out of fuel.

Running out can be a major inconvenience. If you use propane for heat, you run the risk that your house might get so cold before we are able to make a delivery that your pipes could freeze and you would have a whole new set of (expensive) problems.

When you run out of propane, we must gain access to the inside of your home to perform a pressure leak test on your propane lines. This is a mandatory safety procedure, and you will be charged for a service call. If you want to avoid this risk and the headaches that come with it, please call us today to request our convenient automatic delivery service.