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2022 Spring Newsletter

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Mark Gagnon

A shocking rise in energy prices

Dear Friends, As I write this, the Russian invasion of Ukraine had created an earthquake in the energy markets, sending crude oil prices into record territory and causing all energy prices to soar. We don’t know where things will go from here, but we hope this spike is only temporary. Some people are under the […]


WIN $500 Worth of Food

We could all use some extra money in our wallets — especially when we go grocery shopping! Here’s your chance to stretch your household budget a little further. Read this newsletter and answer the questions on the enclosed reply card, or go to to enter. to enter. All entries received by 6/29/22 with the correct answers […]


Protect yourself!

You can enroll right now in any of the popular programs shown below. Lower your winter payments. Enroll in SimplePay, which spreads out your fuel payments for as long as 14 months. The sooner you sign up, the lower your monthly payments will be. Add price protection. Customers who protected their price last year saved […]

Need an upgrade or a repair?

If you noticed anything out of the ordinary with your furnace or boiler last winter, please contact us as soon as possible for a service appointment. Unusual noises—Most modern heating equipment runs pretty quietly. If you hear banging, clanking or other unusual sounds, something is probably about to go wrong—if it hasn’t already. Odors—If your […]

shelf life of heating oil

What’s the shelf life for heating oil?

When the heating season ended and you had plenty of heating oil left over in your tank, you may have wondered if your fuel would still be good when you turned your home heating system on again. Don’t worry. Your heating oil will be fine—the average best-used-by life span of home heating oil ranges between […]

keep your online reviews coming!

A big thank you to everyone who posted an online review about us recently. Please keep them coming, because they always make us smile. Here is one example of how we want all of our customers to feel after we complete a service call. “Thoroughly professional services are delivered with the hometown touch. The furnace […]