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2023 Winter Newsletter

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Update on Heating Fuel Prices

Dear Friends, The surge in all energy prices has been painful for everyone. Supply shortages across the board have also been causing concern. As an example, ISO New England — the independent corporation responsible for keeping electricity flowing through our region — reported a high risk of rolling blackouts this winter. That’s due to a […]

Gasoline vs. Heating Oil Prices

As we went to print, some customers were asking us why heating oil prices haven’t been falling the same way as gasoline prices. While gasoline and heating oil are both distillates of crude oil, their prices don’t always track the same way. The better comparison is diesel fuel. Diesel and heating oil are virtually the […]

Win a $500 Visa gift card

We could all use some extra money in our wallets. Here’s a chance to boost your budget. Just read this newsletter and answer the questions on the enclosed reply card, or go to to enter. All entries received by 5/18/23 with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift […]

Upgrade for BIG Savings

Are you worried about your worn-out heating system breaking down this winter? Contact us today to learn about all the ways you can save by upgrading to a new boiler or furnace. Not only will you save money on heating your home for years to come, but you may also qualify for immediate savings. Right […]

Emergency Heating Service

To avoid delays, we provide 24-hour emergency heating service solely for our customers. This is how we define emergency service. You’ve run out of fuel or are about to run out. You’ve lost your heat or hot water. You have a significant heating oil or water leak. You smell propane gas or have another safety […]

Ask the Expert

Dennis Charpentier – dispatcher Q: How does being on automatic delivery help you? A: When you’re on automatic delivery, we can manage our capacity better and keep enough fuel in your tank. When we see bad weather approaching, we can get ahead of it. We can also route our trucks more efficiently during the busy […]