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Mark Gagnon

Bioheat® Fuel: The Real Clean Fuel for Your Home

Dear Friends, If you’re not convinced that converting most New England homes to electric heat pumps is a good idea, you need to know about other clean fuel options. For example, were you aware that the heating oil industry is well on its way to transitioning to a green, renewable liquid fuel called Bioheat fuel? […]

Win $500 Worth of Food

With trips to the supermarket still causing sticker shock, here’s a chance to weather the storm until inflated food prices get back to normal. Read this newsletter and answer the questions on our contest page to enter. All entries received by 6/29/23 with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a $500 […]

Choosing a Price Protection Plan

There’s no crystal ball for predicting heating fuel prices. But our SimplePay and PrePay programs — and their price protection options — are designed to shield you from extreme volatility. Remember that price contracts are meant to provide cost certainty. You may see savings, but it’s not guaranteed. Last fall, when prices soared, customers who […]

How You Save With Heating Oil & Propane

Avoid expensive conversions to electric heat and continue to take advantage of heating oil and propane, two of the most efficient, clean-burning fuels available today. Avoid Expensive Conversion Costs There are amazing advances taking place right now in the heating oil and propane industry that have many people excited — except for those who are […]

Reduce Your Heating Costs — Permanently

The best way to save money on fuel costs is to replace your old heating system. If your equipment is more than 15 or 20 years old, you’re missing out on efficient technologies that can conserve fuel and reduce your annual heating costs by 20% or more. You may also qualify for immediate savings. Right […]


When Darlene Fenstermaker joined our customer service team in 1997, we were in the process of updating our computer system. “We did a lot of tasks manually back then,” Darlene says. “I can remember all of us printing out the delivery tickets and handing them to Mark [Gagnon], who would sort them by hand and […]

Can Heating Oil Spoil?

If you ended the season with plenty of heating oil in your tank, you may be wondering if your fuel will still be good when you turn your boiler or furnace on again in the fall. No worries. Your heating oil will be fine. The average life span of home heating oil ranges between 18 […]