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Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us - Click Here.
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What’s The Shelf Life of Heating Oil?

May 9, 2022

Find out if heating oil will “go bad” if you fill your tank now With winter in the rearview mirror, you’re likely not thinking about your heating oil tank or the heating oil in it. One common question we get asked is this time of year is, “How long does heating oil last before it […]

Protect Yourself With Our Pricing & Payment Options

May 2, 2022

Take control of your fuel costs! A lot has changed in the world in the months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The war has wreaked havoc in the energy markets, and our customers have been seeing that in their monthly expenses. P. Gagnon & Son customers have several ways they can protect themselves from this volatility. […]

How Green is Propane Compared to Other Fuels?

April 18, 2022

Discover the eco-friendliness of propane Thanks to the activism that Earth Day helped spark after it began in 1970, initiatives like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act were passed, helping to reduce air and water pollution in the United States.   While our environment has improved substantially, there are nonetheless several challenges. Trash […]

What Do I Do If My Pilot Light Goes Out?

April 11, 2022

Put propane safety first Electronic ignition is used in most of today’s propane gas appliances. However, many older ones and a few newer ones still have a pilot light. The pilot light is the little flame within your appliance that rekindles the main burner and prevents propane gas leaks. It’s meant to be burning at […]

How To Save Energy This Spring

April 4, 2022

Stay comfortable while saving money! With energy costs as crazy as they’ve been recently, many of us are looking forward to Spring, when we can stop using our home’s heating system. But that’s not the only way you can save on energy costs this time of year. We have some ideas that can keep more […]

Discover Propane’s Many Uses & Benefits!

March 21, 2022

Enjoy versatility and efficiency with propane! If you have recently bought a home that uses propane and your only exposure to propane before has been using it for your BBQ grill, you’re going to love it! With dependable propane delivery and expert propane appliance installation and service from P. Gagnon & Son, you’ll be able […]

How Can I Use Less Propane?

March 14, 2022

Put these tips to use to cut your energy costs Propane’s versatility and energy efficiency make it a winning choice for homes in the Seacoast Region. It heats our homes and water. With propane, we can prepare delicious meals on a propane range and BBQ grill. Propane fireplaces, firepits, space heaters, and patio heaters give […]

Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us

March 9, 2022

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been getting many calls around two connected issues- the surge in fuel prices and supply concerns. People are astounded by how much prices have risen, and how fast. They are also concerned that there will be interruptions in supply that will cause them to run out of fuel. Prices were already up more […]

What Is the Efficiency Rating for Furnaces and Boilers?

March 7, 2022

Learn more about AFUE With the cost of everything so high lately, your purchase of a new furnace or boiler for your Seacoast Region home takes on added importance. This is a major investment in your home’s comfort and value. Fortunately, you have the heating system experts at P. Gagnon & Son ready to help! […]


February 23, 2022

Why Your Bills Are Going Up Dear Valued Customer, Once again, we’re seeing energy prices surge across the board. We know how painful that can be for our customers. It’s painful for us, as well. What’s Going On? Gasoline has risen more than a dollar more per gallon vs. a year ago. Natural gas prices […]