A shocking rise in energy prices

A shocking rise in energy prices

Mark GagnonDear Friends,

As I write this, the Russian invasion of Ukraine had created an earthquake in the energy markets, sending crude oil prices into record territory and causing all energy prices to soar. We don’t know where things will go from here, but we hope this spike is only temporary.

Some people are under the misconception that when prices rise, we make more money. The opposite is true. People cut back usage. They have trouble paying their bills, and our receivables skyrocket. Meanwhile, we must pay our suppliers in just 10 days. It is an awful mess for everyone.

One thing you can count on is us. We have been in business for many years and have very strong relationships with suppliers and financial institutions. If you’re having trouble paying your bill, talk with us before it becomes a problem. Many times, we can work out something to give you more time, especially if you’ve been
with us a while. We can also set you up—at no cost—on SimplePay, our monthly
payment plan.

Nothing will make us happier than when prices return to normal. Until then, trust
us to look out for you, and let’s hope by the time you read this, we are living in a more peaceful world—where children don’t have to sleep in bomb shelters any more.

Mark Gagnon, President