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Installing A Propane Water Heater: 6 Benefits

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Enjoy more comfort with better efficiency!

Did you know that the average American household uses about 60 to 70 gallons of hot water each day for bathing, washing dishes, laundry, and other tasks?

That’s almost a full bathtub of hot water, and it explains why water heating accounts for close to 20% of your home’s energy costs.

If that has you worrying about your energy bills, especially if you have an electric water heater, we have a solution. Upgrade to a new high-efficiency propane water heater!

P. Gagnon & Son sells, installs, maintains, and repairs top-quality propane water heaters from leading manufacturers like Rinnai and Crown Mega-Stor.

We have six reasons why installing a propane water heater in your Seacoast region home is a great idea.

Money savings

While propane water heaters cost a little more up-front than electric water heaters, in the long run you get more bang for your buck. Factor together installation cost, expected lifespan, and more BTUs per dollar, and propane water heaters end up being about 30% less costly than electric water heaters over the life of the equipment.


Speaking of expected lifespan, propane water heaters last on average nearly a decade longer than comparable electric water heaters.


When the power goes out at your home, so does your electric water heater. That means cold showers until the power is restored. A conventional tank storage water heater often will continue to heat water during a power outage.

No waiting

Propane water heaters get your water hot almost twice as fast as electric water heaters. No more long waits between showers in the morning. And you can eliminate that wait altogether with a propane tankless water heater, which gives you endless hot water whenever you want it!


It is extremely hard to ignite propane gas. And because the P. Gagnon & Son service technicians are experienced and well-trained in propane safety, you can be assured that your propane water heater will be installed and maintained safely and properly.

Greener and cleaner

When you upgrade to a propane water heater from an electric water heater, you cut your greenhouse gas emissions from water heating by more than one-third. And you can cut them by half with a propane tankless water heater.

Ready to upgrade to a propane water heater? Contact us today to get a FREE estimate!