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Tankless Water Heaters: Five Benefits For Your Home

tankless water heaters seacoast

If the water heater in your Seacoast region home is 10 years old or older, it’s time to start planning to replace it.

Taking the time to upgrade now means less hassle and expense if your water heater fails. Also, you make sure that you’re getting the right water heater for your home.

Consider upgrading to a tankless water heater! P. Gagnon & Son installs top-quality, efficient tankless water heaters from Rinnai, the industry leader.

Why choose a tankless water heater? We’ll give you five ways a tankless water heater is right for you, your family and your home.

Endless hot water, on-demand

When you have a conventional water heater with a tank, you have to wait after someone has taken a shower for the water in the tank to be heated before you can take your own. With a tankless water heater, the wait is gone because the water is heated when you need it. And you can take a shower while the dishwasher is running, because a tankless water heater can heat enough water for both at the same time!

Energy efficiency

When you’re gone during the day, a water heater with a tank will heat and reheat and reheat the same water so it will be ready when you need hot water. That’s a lot of energy being wasted. A tankless water heater eliminates that, so you’ll use up to 34% less energy for water heating. And when you consider that water heating currently makes up close to 20 percent of your home’s energy usage, that’s no small chunk of change you’ll be saving on your energy costs!


Tankless water heaters last on average 10 years longer than conventional water heaters with a tank. That means that even though tankless water heaters cost more up front, you’ll more than get back that investment with a longer lifespan and less maintenance on top of lower energy costs.


Because tankless water heaters don’t have a tank, they take up less room wherever you install it. That means you can free up room in your basement!

Lower risk of leaks

Sediment can build up in a water heater tank. Over time, that leads to corrosion of the tank from the inside out. That corrosion can cause leaks that can not only leave you without hot water, it can cause water damage in the area where your tank is stored. You don’t have that problem with a tankless water heater!

The equipment experts at P. Gagnon & Son are glad to tell you all about how a tankless water heater would be good for your home. Contact us today and don’t forget to ask about our service plans!