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4 Myths and Facts about Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostat

Posted: June 22, 2016

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the most cost effective ways to cut energy costs in your home. Yet some people still shy away from taking the plunge into what we think is a no-brainer investment for your home.

In this week’s post, we’ll dispel some myths about programmable thermostats and give you some of the best reasons to install one in your house today.

Myth #1: Programmable thermostats are too expensive

Fact: If it’s used properly, a programmable thermostat will pay for itself quickly – usually within a year or two – while increasing comfort and convenience for you and your family. In fact, programmable thermostats can shave up to 10 percent or more off annual heating and cooling bills and allow you to save money when you’re away from home – or even asleep!

Myth #2: Programmable thermostats are too complicated

Fact: Today’s best programmable thermostats are easy to use. They tend to incorporate input from focus groups, usability studies, and other research involving contractors and homeowners. Look for thermostats that:

  • Have consumer-friendly design features
  • Are Energy Star listed
  • Come with clear, easy-to-understand instructions
  • Are supported with toll-free manufacturer’s assistance

Myth #3: They don’t work

Fact: States like New York, New Jersey and California require programmable thermostats in new home builds because they do work. They’re an important part of the EPA’s Energy Star program, too.

Myth #4: They’re hard to install and program

Fact: Programmable thermostats are easy to install for any qualified contractor, and today’s user-friendly models (see myth 2 above) are a snap to program. Some can even be controlled by your smart phone!

Don’t believe the myths! Contact PGagnon today to get a FREE estimate on a programmable thermostat for your home.