110 Years of New England Winters

110 Years of New England Winters

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

If the long-term weather forecast stays accurate, this coming winter will look and feel a lot like last year. Yuck!

But as bad as it was last year, we have seen worse. After all, P. Gagnon and Son has taken care of folks for 110 years, and we have experienced just about everything New England winters have to offer.

Remember the blizzard of ’78? If you don’t, just ask our operations manager, Mark Leach, about it. He waded through the snow for days delivering oil.

How about 1989, when temperatures plummeted the day before Thanksgiving and it stayed frigid into January? Master Service Technician Brian Cole remembers endless service calls that stretched into many nights and weekends.

Taking care of you during severe winter weather is what we are all about. But that takes lots of planning and training on our part, especially during the summer. Fuel contracts are now in place to ensure a dependable supply of fuel for you. Folks continue to enroll in our price protection plans. And we have already completed hundreds of tune-ups to get heating systems ready for the winter.

This year we also installed an additional 30,000-gallon propane storage tank at our facility on Route 236. This brings our total fuel-storage capacity to 90,000 gallons and helps protect our growing group of propane customers from any supply issues.

So whatever winter brings us, we’re ready to do our job. That means looking after you and your family!


Mark Gagnon