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P.Gagnon & Son gives you a range of choices for protecting your price for heating fuel and for controlling your winter fuel bills.


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Firefighter training (combustible liquids - propane)

Savings and Safety

Dear Friends, Because of plummeting crude oil prices and historically high levels of fuel inventory, most people have been saving money on their propane (and heating oil) costs over the past two years. As the inventory of propane has grown, the ability to transport, store and export the fuel has also expanded, lessening the risk […]

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Earn a $100 Referral Reward!

When you have a great experience at a restaurant or see a movie you loved, you tell a friend. So if you love the service and value you get from us, why not tell a friend (or a neighbor or a relative) about us (and then tell them we’ll be calling them)? For every friend […]

P. Gagnon customer review

Our Goal: Always Get It Right for You

Thanks to all of you who responded to our customer satisfaction survey. You told us a lot of great things, and we also appreciate the suggestions on how we can improve. One comment from the surveys that really stood out for us was this: “It’s always pleasurable, comfortable and productive working with you. The customer […]

outdoor living

Get the Most out of Propane and Heating Oil

Warm up to the Great Outdoors No other fuel can do as much as propane can to make spending time in your backyard a pleasant experience. And thanks to modern advances in flexible piping, you can now extend your use of propane to a wide range of outdoor products, even refrigerators and fireplaces! Among the […]

Debbie Marshal - customer service representative

Ask the Expert

Q: I’m worried that fuel prices may go up again. What are my options? A: Many of our customers choose to enroll in our SimplePay/Price Cap Plan. If you’re already on our payment plan, you can apply your fuel credit from last winter to this year’s plan. We’ll estimate next season’s fuel costs and divide […]


Community Corner

Ah, spring — a time to play baseball again. For P. Gagnon & Son, this means once again sponsoring a local Little League team, something we have done for many years. (Our company president, Mark Gagnon, has fond memories of being on the P. Gagnon & Son team himself when his father was the coach!) […]

All weather home comfort

An All-Weather Solution for Comfort

Customers who have asked us to install a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split air conditioning/heat-pump system in their home are feeling a lot more comfortable these days. They love the way all their rooms stay cool in the summer. But as temperatures drop, they find their ductless system efficiently warms rooms up too. Because they require no […]