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October snow poses challenges
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residential heating oilDear Friends,

Snowtober. That’s what some newspapers were calling the freak storm that
hit us just before Halloween. Whatever you called it, it turned things upside down for a few days. The roads were a mess, branches were down everywhere and many homes lost power.

Needless to say, our services were in great demand. We worked around-the-clock to make sure our customers were taken care of. We spent a lot of time delivering propane to keep emergency backup generators running and also installed dozens of new generators for our customers.

One of our biggest fans that week was Tom Flanagan of Seaview Lobster Company in Kittery, who told us, “We called you on Saturday afternoon just a couple of hours before the storm started, and we weren’t given “maybe’s” or excuses. Your truck arrived 90 minutes later and filled our [propane] bottles. And when we lost power for almost 13 hours, your propane kept our generator humming and our 20,000 pounds of live-lobster inventory alive and well.”

We appreciate your feedback, Tom. We are glad we could help. No matter whether you are a omeowner
or a business, you can depend on us to go above and beyond to keep you warm and safe.


Mark Gagnon

Propane vs. heating oil
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residential heating oilAre you looking for an objective opinion about heating oil vs. propane? Please call us. We service and install both oil and propane equipment,
so we can do an analysis of the costs and benefits of switching — including the cost to convert.

It may turn out that a new oil system is a better option. Depending on the age of your current system, upgrading to new highefficiency equipment has the potential to lower your heating bills 20% or more.

After doing an honest evaluation for you, we’ll tell you if it makes sense to switch. If you decide to convert, we can handle all aspects of the installation, and you can count on us
to do the job right.

Update on fuel prices
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residential heating oilAccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, homeowners who heat with oil will spend, on average, 8% more on heating this winter due to higher energy prices. One reason for this is unchecked price speculation.

In October, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved final regulations that will limit peculation in oil and other commodities. There is guarded optimism that the regulations will lessen the effects of speculation on prices, but it is still too early to tell.

In the meantime, we have ideas to lower your fuel costs. One way to do this is to have your system tuned up, a solution that can trim 10% off your yearly fuel bill. Are you due for a tune-up? Please call us today — and don’t forget to ask about other ways to save.


Cool products that are hot!
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cool products that are hot! P. Gagnon offers a wide range of products for increasing your comfort and reducing your energy costs. Plus, our technicians are fully trained in installing, maintaining and repairing the kind of cutting-edge equipment that provides energy solutions. Here are just a few examples.

What it is: Tekmar boiler control
What it does: Manages boiler efficiency to reduce fuel consumption, burner maintenance and flue emissions, while extending system life.
Coolest thing: It’s guaranteed to reduce heating fuel consumption by at least 10% — and you don’t lose an ounce of comfort!

What it is: Rinnai tankless water heater
What it does: Provides a virtually endless supply of hot water on demand.
Coolest thing: Over its lifetime, a tankless unit can save you as much as $1,800 on water heating costs.

What it is: System 2000 high-efficiency boiler
What it does: Provides heat and hot water at a much lower cost.
Coolest thing: Most efficient oil boiler in the world, according to Brookhaven National Laboratory.



Propane: A smart versatile fuel
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Did you know that propane is a great alternative to electricity? It can be used to heat your home and household water, and it’s great for space heating, fireplaces, cooking, clothes drying and more. But there are other reasons why propane has become so popular.

  • It’s energy efficient. Propane burns hotter and more efficiently than many other energy sources.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Using propane instead of electricity helps cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. (The environmental problems of electricity stem from the power plants that generate it.)
  • It’s safe. Propane, which is regulated by the National Fire Protection Association, has an excellent safety record.
  • It’s “local.” About 90% of the propane used in the United States is produced domestically.

As one of the area’s leading propane suppliers, P. Gagnon offers competitive pricing and expert service. If you are one of our heating oil customers, call us today to learn more about why it may make sense to
become a propane customer as well.

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