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Your Friend and Neighbor for 108 Years

Dear Friends,

Mark Gagnon

Competition is good. It keeps us sharp and on our toes. But one thing about being in business for 108 years is that you see a lot of competitors come and go. During the last few years, some family-owned companies in our area have been taken over by companies whose headquarters are far away from here — sometimes even out of state. Customers of these companies may not be prepared for the changes in programs and services that will follow.

I can tell you from personal experience that things don’t always go smoothly. Case in point: one of our customers came back to us this past winter when a competitor was purchased by a huge publicly traded out-of-state corporation. The office was closed without notice to the customers or the employees on a midwinter Friday afternoon.

The real kicker is this. Our newly returned customer had left a copy of his house keys in the office that was suddenly closed. I have no idea if he’s gotten them back.

Compare that to the P. Gagnon & Son customer experience. When people do business with us, they can count on some core things. Your comfort is our concern, so we’ll be there for you no matter what the weather conditions. And you will always get honest and fair pricing, which we back up with expert and courteous service.

The bottom line is, we know you and you know us. You can rely on us to be there when you need us and keep your home warm all winter. We think that counts for a lot, and we hope you do too.

Mark Gagnon, President