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Winter 2014

You’ll Always Stay Warm with Us

Dear Friends,

This is the time of year when people really enjoy the comforts of a warm home. And it’s a lot more comforting knowing that they have a reliable full-service fuel company looking after them.

To that end, our technicians have already prepared many heating systems for winter with…

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All Heating Oil is NOT the Same

When we deliver fuel to you, it’s typically 2% to 5% biofuel. Since the government requires refineries to use a certain percentage of renewables in their fuel, all oil dealers around here deliver a biofuel blend.

But we don’t stop there. Unlike many other dealers, we also treat our biofuel…

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The Case of…

Our service technicians are like private investigators, solving cases from simple to complex. During the winter, they’re on the job day and night, using their skills and diagnostic tools to fix comfort problems. As you read about their investigations, look for clues to see if you can shine a light…

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Exploring Your Energy Options?

Many homeowners are reassessing their energy needs and asking questions about possibly switching from oil heat to propane. As a company that installs and services both oil and propane heating equipment, we are a good source of information on this topic, and we invite you to come to us with…

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Stay Warm for Less

Now is the time to replace your heating system and cut your annual heating costs by 30% or more! We offer a range of high-efficiency options from trusted manufacturers like Viessmann.

Do You Know These Folks?

It’s the people at P. Gagnon & Son who make us the best fuel and service provider in the area! Here are three members of our team who work hard — year after year — to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction.