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We’re Your Hometown Fuel and Service Company

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

Over the last few years there’s been a trend of local fuel companies selling out to — or being bought out by — an out-of-state conglomerate. The trade-off is usually a big reduction in customer service because these big corporations focus on their bottom line, not customer satisfaction.

We’ve been here since 1904, and our number one priority remains the same: your comfort comes first. From prompt fuel deliveries to expert equipment installation and maintenance and “be right over” emergency service around the clock, P. Gagnon & Son provides real value every day.

If you’re concerned about fuel prices, we can help make your bills easier to manage with a choice of payment programs and price protection plans that keep your energy costs in check. And we can suggest new equipment that can permanently reduce your heating costs.

This is just the way we go about our business. We know you always have a choice in fuel dealers, and we never take your business for granted. We want to make sure you continue to put your trust in us for a long time.

Mark Gagnon, President