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Genuine Old-Fashioned Service

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

We have a couple of competitors that claim to be “full-service oil companies” while typically charging discount/COD prices. Their websites have pictures of furnaces on them and there are even a couple of vans roaming around with their name on the side but in the end, they can’t possibly do what we do.

The lettered vans and pictures of furnaces on a website are more of a marketing ploy than a reality. These guys are trying to persuade you that they are just like us. They really aren’t.

Part of our Customer Service Guarantee says:

If you have a “no heat” emergency after normal business hours, just give us a call. If one of our technicians is not at your home or has not called within an hour, the service call is free.

If there’s ever a callback because we didn’t fix your problem right the first time, the labor is free on the second visit.

Only a company that provides an adequate staff of licensed, trained, experienced technicians can afford to provide that level of security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is real, genuine and maybe even a little old-fashioned full service.

P. Gagnon and Son has been in South Berwick for 109 years. We have built our small business by being there when our customer needs us, providing solid value and plain old straight talk with folks. That’s what you can expect from us for years to come.

Please call me directly with any comments, feedback or criticism.

Mark Gagnon