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Fall 2012

Your Friend and Neighbor for 108 Years

Dear Friends,

Competition is good. It keeps us sharp and on our toes. But one thing about being in business for 108 years is that you see a lot of competitors come and go. During the last few years, some family-owned companies in our area have been taken over by…

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Make Payments Predictable

When you join our SimplePay Plan, we can spread out your fuel payments for as long as 14 months (for customers who enroll in March). You’ll have one set payment each month — and you will lower your winter payments dramatically. Enrollment is still open; join now and avoid…

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Have Your Set Up Your Online Account

If you haven’t done so already, join the hundreds of other P. Gagnon & Son customers who are managing their account online. You can check your account balance, pay your bills (save on checks and stamps!), order fuel, request a tune-up and much more. Just go to My Account to…

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Thinking of Switching Fuels?

Since we service and install both oil and propane equipment, we can give you an objective analysis of the costs and benefits of switching from oil to propane — including conversion costs. We would love to help you make an informed decision!

If you decide to convert, we can handle all aspects of the job for you.…

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Every Drop of Fuel is High Quality

When we pick up fuel to be delivered to you, it’s typically 2%–5% biofuel. Since the government requires refineries to use a certain percentage of renewables in their fuels, all oil dealers around here deliver a biofuel blend.

Unlike others, we don’t promote ourselves as a biofuel (or BioHeat) dealer because it doesn’t…

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Darlene Fenstermaker just marked her 15th anniversary as a P. Gagnon & Son employee. Like many of our employees, she wears multiple “hats,” but the bulk of her day is spent interacting with customers, either in person or on the phone. People call for fuel deliveries, to request service or…

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