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Exploring Your Energy Options?

Many homeowners are reassessing their energy needs and asking questions about possibly switching from oil heat to propane. As a company that installs and services both oil and propane heating equipment, we are a good source of information on this topic, and we invite you to come to us with your questions.

We’ll discuss a range of issues, including a payback analysis that tells you the amount of time it will take to recover your installation costs based on your annual energy savings. We’ll discuss the relative efficiency of oil versus propane (see chart below) and we can calculate your total expenditure should you decide to switch.

Heating Oil/Propane Comparison

Just call us and we will give you an honest, objective opinion about which fuel may best suit your family’s needs. No matter what you decide to do, we want to be your home comfort company, and we have the knowledge, resources and experience to provide you with excellent service.