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Coming to the Rescue

Kittery firefighters respond to a gas leak.

At P. Gagnon, we put safety first, for our technicians, our customers — and our community. So in October, when Kittery’s fire chief, Dave O’Brien, called us for help, we sent our emergency response team right away, led by Mark Leach. “Someone had gone into an abandoned building and tried to remove the brass fittings on the safety valves. It resulted in a gas leak, and the Kittery Fire Department asked for our help,” says Leach. When Leach and the other four members of our team arrived, they assessed the situation and quickly determined that the safest solution was to remove the tank and conduct a controlled burn-off of the remaining gas (see photo). “Someone thought they could remove the brass and sell it for scrap,” says Leach. “The lesson is that no one but licensed professionals should handle a propane tank,” he adds.