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P. Gagnon & Son technician, Mike Place

Q: I ran out of propane and you charged me for a pressure test. Why?

A: The loss of pressure in an empty tank can lead to leaks in the piping around the system. Safety codes require us to perform a pressure test before refilling your tank. To avoid running out of fuel again, ask us about our free automatic delivery service: it’s the best way to make sure you always have enough fuel in your tank.

Q: How do I know if automatic delivery is right for me?

A: Automatic delivery works for most customers, but there are exceptions. For example, it isn’t possible for us to accurately track fuel usage for customers who use propane appliances at their discretion, such as pool heaters, generators and gas logs, etc. If you don’t qualify for automatic delivery or still prefer to call for a fuel delivery, you should let us know when your gauge reaches 30% to avoid running out.