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All Heating Oil is NOT the Same

P. Gagnon treats its biofuel blend with an UltraGuard additive.

When we deliver fuel to you, it’s typically 2% to 5% biofuel. Since the government requires refineries to use a certain percentage of renewables in their fuel, all oil dealers around here deliver a biofuel blend.

But we don’t stop there. Unlike many other dealers, we also treat our biofuel blend with an UltraGuard additive, which helps keep your system running efficiently and problem-free.

UltraGuard prevents unnecessary service problems. Industry studies show that 40% of unscheduled service calls are related to fuel quality. (Our technicians love UltraGuard because it means many fewer late-night service calls!)

Here’s what UltraGuard does:

  • reduces bacterial and fungal growth
  • conditions the oil to maximize heating system efficiency and reliability
  • protects your tank from rust and corrosion
  • keeps heating system components cleaner
  • helps maintain the efficiency of your system

Adding UltraGuard to your heating oil — at no extra charge — is just one of the steps we take to provide you with the very best value and service.