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Your Comfort is Our Concern

Dear Friends,

Some years ago, our company chose the phrase “Your comfort is our concern” to summarize what P. Gagnon & Son is really all about. This is the core of our mission and it guides our entire team every day.

We are living this commitment in many ways.…

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    Good News About Fuel Prices!

    There has been a revolution going on in energy production that has created a huge surge in oil and propane produced in the U.S. We’re finally starting to see the impact at the gas pump, and it is filtering into the wholesale cost of heating oil and propane as well.…

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    KIDS ASK the Best Questions

    Learning How to Save Money and Stay Comfortable

    We love kids! They have a lot of wisdom and they’re not shy about asking questions. Follow along as Ava and Jarrett quiz us about what we do. What they learn could make a difference in your own comfort—and save you money…

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    KIDS ASK the Best Questions Cont.

    Can you explain how we get all our hot water out of something that small?

    This is what we call a tankless water heater. We also call it an on-demand water heater because it only heats water when it’s needed. So the next time you take a shower and…

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    Do You Know These Folks?

    It’s the people who make P. Gagnon & Son the best fuel and service provider in the area! Here are two members of our team who work hard year after year to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction.

    Get a $100 Reward!

    Refer a new customer to us and we’ll credit your account $100; we’ll give your referral $50 too!* It’s easy! Tell your friends to call or email us and mention your name.

    * Conditions apply. Contact us for details. ** No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve chance of…

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    Are You Connected With Us?

    Our newsletter is one of the ways we try to keep in touch with our customers, but it’s not the only way. Please send us your email address so we can keep you informed about new programs, exclusive offers, weather alerts and other important updates about home comfort. We also…

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    Help! I Lost My Heat!

    If you lose your heat, never fear: We are here for you 24 hours a day for both service and delivery. Sometimes there is a simple fix that can help you avoid a costly emergency service visit. Our new website will feature an interactive troubleshooting guide, but in the meantime,…

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